Managing Director

Stephen Molloy

Drawing on more than 18 years of experience working and training staff at the highest level of the hospitality industry, both in the UK and internationally, Stephen Molloy has worked to foster the attitude, knowledge, and skillset, in himself and those around him, necessary to reach the pinnacle of the hospitality craft. He has added to this with everything from training as a school teacher, to working with vulnerable persons advocacy groups, through to excelling as a professional magician, so as to be able to better connect, engage, and educate. Stephen has worked with some of the most prestigious organisations within our industry and has enjoyed entertaining everyone from venue regulars through to household celebrity names with his unique experience, knowledge, style, service, and skill.

Cultivating an attitude that seeks excellence in all things is something I try to remember in everything I do. I can always be better...and trying to improve the person I am today, compared to the person I was yesterday, is something which should never stop.
— Stephen Molloy, Managing Director, Collective Excellence

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